1. .It happens to the best of us, you go get a haircut trim nad come out with a bob cut. With hair extentions you able to gain that length back in a matter of minutes, and rock that bob every other day.
2. Hair extentions provide that volume your hair has just always been lacking. Throw away the mousse, hiarspray and opt for hair extentions instead these are a harmless faster method of getting that extra volume you need t look your very best.
3. Everyone knows the saying “im having a bad hair day” but it really just is the way you slept that night. it is important to do a before bed hair care routine. Go check out our HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR HAIR EXTENTIONS blog and get the details.
4. No one likes the look of frizzy hair so you should care for your hair extentions as you would your own hair.
5. Last but not least you should always care for your extentions to maintian that natural hair look.