hair giftcard

Limon Hair is perfect match for friends, family or loved ones – Don’t know what color, length or other specifications to pick from? 
Don’t worry, Limon Hair has got you covered. You can share a virtual gift card with your loved one’s  So its a WIN WIN!
Gift card is basically like any other store gift card that entitles the recipient to be able to use the funds of the cards to make any purchase at The recipient can use the funds of the gift card for multiple transactions/purchases or if the value of the gift card is not enough to cover the cost of one single purchase, It could be split to use more than one payment mode. For Example- If an order costs $150 but the value of gift card is only $100.00, the balance amount could be paid using any of the other payment modes! We make it simple and easy so you can enjoy the hair to its fullest!!
If you have any questions about our gift card program, Please feel free to contact us or you can also reach our customer care team at (951) 427 5231.