Washing your limon hair clip-in hair extensions is a must, but washing them too much can damage your extensions. First lets discus how to properly wash you clip-in extensions, its pretty simple, you want to brush out your extensions to get rid of any tangles, then you want to get a shampoo that does not have any harsh chemicals; limon hair shampoo. After you have your shampoo ready you want to then soak your extensions in luke-warm water, apply the shampoo, make sure not to scrub the extensions too much , once your done you should tap-dry your extensions with a dry towel and air dry them . Make sure you are brushing your extensions when they are almost half way dry. You want to wash your clip-in extensions every 10-15 wears to prevent any product build up, but you also don’t want to wash them too many times. unlike your hair, extensions don’t produce any natural oils, therefore washing them too much can make them become dry and dull.
I get it, you want your hair to look as shiny and textured as possible, but adding too much products in your extensions can damage them. You want to add products to your extensions only when necessary. When your hair is looking dry you can apply a bit of oil, something with no harsh chemicals. If you are planning on applying heat to your extensions it is ok to apply some heat protect-ant spray with no harsh chemicals. some chemicals you want to avoid are: sulfate, alcohol, and glycerol. I recommend using natural products that include natural herbs. A great product you can use is the limon hair oil.
Sleeping with extensions
You should never sleep in extensions. Sleeping with extensions can tangle your hair as well as the clip ins. Anyone should be able to take off clip-in hair extensions without professional help. You should start from the top and remove the bottom ones last. After you have removed you extensions you want to brush them out and store them in the plastic bag they come in.
Follow these few easy steps to take care of your extensions.