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Limon Hair strictly believes that ” The only source of knowledge is experience”. To be able to serve the end client, It took our team 19 years of experience. A great aspect of shopping from Limon hair is that the product is not bought from someone and further sold to make mere profit, rather we put all our hard-work right from procuring the raw material and further making it until sending it to its new home. Our years of expertise makes us pioneer in this industry. 

19 years ago our manufacturing initially started at a very small scale by trading hair locally within India. With increased demand of finished product, Our company was one of the first ones to produce and sell bulk hair. Further rise and demand from throughout the world, We started exporting our product worldwide. Slowly our manufacturing capabilities increased and we then started manufacturing other hair products like Machine Weft, Clip ins, Closures, Wigs, Frontals, Keratin Pre-bonded hair, Tape hair, Skin weft etc.Throughout these years, We kept on exporting and wholesaling all these hair products. 

After opening our physical location(supply office) in United States in 2007, We were able to distribute and wholesale locally. Now since we had our own location in United States, We were able to understand the exact requirements of the market and made the necessary changes to our product. The product that was already good was now the best with no flaws.  

Now after serving with a supply office in United states for over 10 years and manufacturing experience of over 18 years, Limon hair wanted to cut all the middleman and furthermore wanted to serve the best product and best possible prices directly to you so you can buy with confidence. 

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