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Procuring of hair

All our hair is procured from ethical sources , We take this step with utmost importance. Each and every hair piece is handpicked and selected .

Washing, Cleaning and Sanitizing of hair

Once the hair is procured and brought to our facility, They are further shampoo’d , conditioned and sanitized as per the international standards. We take high importance in this step to ensure that our hair is healthiest and cleanest of it all. There are no lice/nits in the hair and a special care is taken to make sure the cuticles are intact.


Combing and Sorting

After the cleaning , sanitizing and natural air drying of the hair pieces, They are further sorted by the sizes , color and the natural texture. From there they are further combed using specialized skills which includes combing with utmost care that makes sure that the cuticles are aligned in same direction and the head and tail of the hair piece is not mixed together. Our highly skilled team workers pay close attention and care in this step .


Wefting and wearing clips or Halo.

Here, The hair is now ready to be sewn on to weft or to dress in clips or halo, Our technicians here take care of all the specifications in making the desired product, Our Quality check team is constantly checking over this step as well to make sure all the product specifications like the weight, size, thickness of the weft, distance between clips etc. is all taken care of and is at its place.


Final Washing and Air Drying.

After all the hair has been given the specification, It is further washed and sanitized according to international standards, We use the best quality herbal shampoos and conditioners at this stage to give hair the best possible vitamins and Nutrients. This plays an important role in the life of our hair . This step is the reason that our hair is so naturally healthy and bouncy. Another important aspect of this step is air drying, After all the cleaning and sanitizing as per international standards is done, Our hair are naturally air dried to preserve its natural texture. Air drying the hair instead of using ovens/heaters also plays an important role in the life of our hair, We highly condemn the use of any artificial means while making the hair .


Packing and sending it to its new home

We take extreme pride in all the handwork put up by our team in giving the shape it deserves and from here, The hair is further packed and sent to its new Home!!

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