1. Limon Hair recommends that you really put in thought where you will be storing your hair extensions because this can be essential to keeping your hair looking its very best
              * Limon Hair extensions come in a nice button up bag in which you can store them.
              *Keep them out of the reach of children or pets.
2. It is very important to remove hair extensions before going to bed as this will prevent damaging of the hair and discomfort.
              * When removing your limon hair extensions you can begin from top to bottom making the process of removal easy and fast.
3. Washing your Limon Hair is not a daily task you need to perform. Unlike your own hair, your extensions do not produce natural oils therefor, we recommend to wash only once a month. However, the frequency of washing also depends on the use of the extensions.
              *If they are not regularly worn it is not necessary to wash them monthy.
              * Pat down with a towel
              * Hang on pant hanger and let dry
              * DO NOT comb while
5. Always use a wide toothed comb when brushing out your Limon Hair extensions.
              * Comb hair tips first and work your way up
              * Make sure your hair extensions are dry before combing
6. Keep your hair extensions moisturized.
     * For this you can use our Limon Hair oil, this product can be used for your natural hair, providing the nourishment your hair need to remain beautiful. test